Under the Radar Albums Part 2

Dark Time Sunshine – Anx

This Seattle based hip hop duo, may have seen more acclaim than some of the other artists on the list, yet they are far from the top charting names in rap game like Drake and Run the Jewels. With an album name that is a shorthand term for anxiety, today one would think these tracks would be a dark and depressing outing, full of horrifying trap sounds and backed by sub bass rumbles – fortunately you would be wrong. Though the subject matter does intelligently tackle many problems in society as well as personal emotional hurdles, the delivery and quality beats keep the albums appeal much broader. Tracks like ‘Valiant’ contain truly uplifting moments, while ‘Rock Off’ will fulfill the quota for those who crave a familiar rap sound. With each track offering something worthwhile and with thought provoking lyrics all the way through, Anx is an album that unfortunately seems to have been slept on.

Roy Taylor – Illuminate

With bone melting riffs at high octane speed, Roy Taylor’s metal core 4 song EP doesn’t need to be lengthy to leave you feeling satisfied. With a near constant double pedal changing pace in the back, the ferocity of his guitars is never absent as this intense aural escape moves rapidly through a series of metal landscapes. With pitched bends and impressive scale work all performed at great speed and in rapid succession we get a moment every so often to catch our breath with some well paced breakdowns. Returning with solos worth celebrating, the whole album is like an exciting quad bike ride through the harsh terrain of the underworld. Fans of Mick Gordon will no doubt deeply appreciate every note of this record.

Adebisi Shank – This Is the Third Album by A Band Called Adebisi Shank

A trio of Irishmen deliver a certainly unconventional rock album much like their previous entries. Their latest outing continues their stream of surprising and unpredictable sounds. Once again speedy guitar rhythms are slapped over the top of zany electronics and a punching drumbeat that refuses to tire. They are very difficult to categorise as each tracks style seems to be running in the opposite direction of its predecessor. ‘Thundertruth’ is a soft whimsical melody over a thumping drumbeat, ‘Chaos Emeralds’ seems to have a distorted Celtic jig whacked in between heavily synthesised vocals, whereas ‘Mazel Tov’ has an almost cheesy party pop style. Each one has its own charm and insanity, which makes this album worth a listen.

Spazzkid – Desire

Opening with the track ‘Getting to Know You’ not only sets a great tone and may also positively strike a similarity with The Prize Fighter Inferno. The dreamy backing and welcoming beats continue as more chip sounds enter the fray. With an aesthetic of washed out Japanese brands, Spazzkid carefully and playfully sticks within those parameters. Hearty samples gel beautifully with tidy beats and crunchy textures in ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Loving Free’ on the other hand is one of the livelier tracks with a fun dance groove and a glittery metallic coating. A fantastic record with a consistent mood; that will no doubt get plenty of replays from all who listen.

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