Under the Radar Albums Part 1

Tsunenori – Fantastic Journey

This 12-track album is a wonderfully relaxing endeavor. Filled to the brim with cascading piano melodies over softened hip-hop beats. Meanwhile the worldwide sounds of calm are interlaced throughout, as flittering flutes and chimes join the tranquil audio Zen garden. Without falling into the obscurity of whale music meditation accompaniment, Fantastic Journey does indeed take listeners elsewhere. With a fluid sound that travels from track to track, each one is also distinguishable from the next with blissful melodies and subtle rhythmic variances. What could be a fitting soundtrack to a colourful and whimsical video game, is also a perfect Sunday afternoon record. Check it out and cash in that much welcomed downtime we all so badly need.

Carpenter Brut – Trilogy

With a unique sound that lands somewhere in between Justice, Rob Zombie and Gunship, Carpenter Brut manages to sustain the vibe of a haunted roller disco throughout the entire LP. With thick bass rippling underneath every track and high electronic lead melodies, there is undoubtedly a synthwave overtone, but one which skews towards the dark and gritty. The standout track ‘Disco Zombi Italia’ will light up any room with its snappy drum rhythm and slap bass, and with the arrival of the uncannily familiar and unshakable hook it will have you under its thriller style hypnosis in no time.

Owane – Dunno

An absolute modern triumph of musicianship. You won’t need to hear much of this glorious guitar masterwork for you to appreciate just how incredible this artist is. The mind-bending solos and finger-taps that just don’t stop will have you closing your eyes and shaking your head in disbelief, no matter how many times you hear it. Another thing that is so impressive about this record is that it blends so many emotions all at once, purveying a tone that is at one point perfectly laid back just as its sunset album art portrays. As the tracks flow into each other the wonderfully jazzy and complex backing aids the guitar work in hitting upbeat summer notes and epically strung motivating anthems. After you ingest this album you won’t hear a guitar in the same way again.

Jamie Hamilton – Circles

A lesser-known British artist who has been creating folk style acoustic tracks for a several years now. Circles is undoubtedly a heartfelt venture, with his vocals sounding weighted by emotion on each track, the way he annunciates certain lines will no doubt stick with you long past listening. Accompanying his worthy guitar work, Circles is also filled with warm ambient sounds, wonderfully mixed with Jamie’s plucks and fingering to create a very comforting palette. With various moments taken over by filtered synths and brief textures, these variances never seem to invade; but instead add to a solid and rounded record. With melancholic lyrics sat upon steady strums, many may find the album an easy listen regardless of its content. Jamie speaks to many relatable subjects in the petite 9-track album, creatives especially will enjoy the recognisable conflictions in the track ‘Flamer’.

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