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If you’re a fan of a particular artist or band’s music, you tend to stay loyal to that sound and listen to them on a regular basis. You may have a particular genre that appeals to you and do not like to stray too far from it. Doing this, while perfectly normal, can mean you are missing out on listening to some excellent music from up and coming bands.

One such band is Cabbage, an English indie rock band from Mossley, Tameside who formed in 2015. Cabbage has co-frontmen in Joe Martin and Lee Boradbent, bassists Stephen Evans, drummer Asa Morley and rhythm guitarist Eoghan Clifford. When the band members spoke to NME Magazine, they said, “the simple fact is we don’t like anything dull or boring, we always want to be entertaining. There’s a lot of mundanity and routine in modern life. If you can bring some black humour into that, it’s a really effective way of getting your message across.” In January 2017, Cabbage released a collection of their early EPs called Young, Dumb and Full of… but they are yet to release a studio album. One of their must listen to tracks is entitled “Tell Me Lies About Manchester.”

Another band to look into is Judah & the Lion. They make it into this article despite forming in 2011 and having released two albums, Kids These Days and Folk Hop n’ Roll. Judah & the Lion is an American alternative band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee made up of Judah Akers, Brian Macdonald, Dylan Oglesby, Daniel Weatherby, Spencer Cross and Nate Zuercher.

The Rolling Stone magazine states the band sounds like a “jaunty alt-folk abetted by heavy beats, fuzzed-out synths and gigantic choruses” and if you like bands, such as OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons or Mumford and Sons you should love Judah & the Lion. QTY of New York City are yet another newcomer to the music scene who have been likened to bands such as Interpol, Public Access and The Velvet Underground. Amazingly, the band was formed when a chance meeting on the streets when Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz were only 17 years old and the pair bonded over their obsessive love of music.

After forming the band QTY, they signed with the record label Dirty Hit, whose artists include The 1975 and Wolf Alice. Although not yet released, QTY has recorded its debut album and critics around the world are looking forward to it with eager anticipation thanks to the debut single “Rodeo” being touted as one of the year’s finest records. Those of you reading this article obviously like music, so why not open your ears and broaden your horizons by listening to the trio of up and coming bands when you get a spare few minutes. You never know, you may fall in love with the sound of a new artist and be fans of them from the ground floor up to them becoming global superstars; stranger things have happened.

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