The Best Songs of the 70s

The 1970s were a golden age for pop music, not only did it spawn disco, but numerous pop super-groups were formed such as ABBA the Bee Gees and Blondie. In this article we celebrate the music of the 70’s and look at some of the best songs that were written and performed during this musical decade.

You’re the One That I Want

Saturday Night Fever and Grease were huge hits at the box office and both cult movies produced numerous chart-topping songs. One of the very best was by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and of course it was You’re the One That I Want. The song went on to sell almost thirty million copies worldwide and is one of the most popular soundtracks from a movie.

Stayin’ Alive

We have already featured a hit song from Grease so it is impossible to ignore the marvelous Saturday Night Fever. Stayin’ Alive started the disco movement and epitomizes everything about disco culture. It also catapulted the Bee Gees back into the limelight as their popularity had started to wane.

My Sweet Lord

It is incredible to think that of all the hit songs that Lennon and McCartney wrote it is a song by George Harrison that will remain as one of the anthems of the 1970’s. My Sweet Lord was not only an incredible catchy pop song it delivered a message to the youth of the world. It was the biggest selling single in the UK in 1971, and was the first to top the charts by an ex-Beatle.   

Dancing Queen

It is difficult to select just one song from this 1970’s pop super-group. ABBA had a string of chart-topping records in the 70’s following their success at the Eurovision Song Contest which they won with Waterloo. In 1976 they released one of their most popular songs that you can still hear over the airways around the world. Dancing Queen topped the charts in both the U.S and Britain which was their first release to do so.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Love it or hate it, Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most iconic songs of the 70’s. Rather than one song it is almost an operatic suite only played in a progressive-rock genre. It was also one of the very first songs that was accompanied by a music video, which helped to rocket the sales to a million copies just in three months.

Up to Bohemian Rhapsody no song over six minutes had ever topped the charts, and it heralded in a new pop/rock superstar in Freddie Mercury who would go on to bigger and greater things with his band Queen.


To complete our look at the best songs of the 70’s we have to feature the enigma that is David Bowie. Bowie’s influence on the decade is phenomenal, and his follow up hit to Space Oddity was the brilliant Starman. David Bowie was at the forefront of glam-rock and was a major influence on fashion and music during his stellar career. 

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