Johnny Marr Refines Every Music Project

Johnny Marr Refines Every Music Project

The English guitarist Johnny Marr can now look back on a career spanning decades. During the time he left his mark in numerous successful bands. Music fans know him from his career starting point at the band of Marr/Morrissey, which composed all the Smiths songs. The two wrote all of the band’s classics and set the tone in the English indie scene during their active time together. Marr played in two groups before the founding of The Smiths, and he kept this regular change throughout his long musical life.

Together with Morrissey, he founded the most influential indie band of all time. After only four albums and five successful years, the group split. Marr, who had temporarily taken over the band’s management, and Morrissey had nothing more to say to each other and went their ways. The band never fulfilled the fans’ longing for a reunion to this day. While Morrissey started a successful solo career, Marr sought his luck in numerous other bands. The first of these already caused a sensation.

Jack Of All Trades

Johnny Marr joined singer and songwriter Matt Johnson and his group The The. Together they put the band’s two most successful albums on their feet before Marr moved on again. His next project was to be nothing less than a supergroup. Together with Bernard Sumner of Joy Division and New Order, he founded The Electronic. The guest vocalist was none other than Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys. However, the band only released a total of three works before Johnny Marr moved on. The unsteady musician founded his band with Johnny Marr & The Healers before losing interest again after just one record. Instead, he was drawn to the indie scene also. He signed on to two other well-known bands and refined records from Modest Mouse and The Cribs.

But that has finally been the end of a few years. Marr, who fans describe as a guitar virtuoso, is now consistently pursuing his solo career and has in the meantime already published several successful solo works. Ten years ago, he proved that he does not want to rely on the beaten track. He contributed the guitar parts to Christopher Nolan’s film Inception. The well-known composer Hans Zimmer designed the soundtrack, with whom Marr also went on tour. This cooperation was to have consequences. A few years later, Hans Zimmer faced a difficult decision.

The composer had received an offer for the soundtrack to a world-famous film series. Zimmer didn’t know if he should accept this and called his friend Johnny Marr. When asked which guitar part he would play for a film, the guitarist replied: James Bond. That answered the question. Hans Zimmer composed the soundtrack for the not yet released Bond film No Time To Die. Johnny Marr did the guitar work. To the fans’ great surprise, he was on stage with superstar Billie Eilish at No Time To Die’s live premiere. With this performance, Johnny Marr reminded the world again of the clear traces he has left in music history.

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